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John’s CBG Flower is packed with Cannabigerol (CBG).  Many in the industry believe CBG’s therapeutic benefits will surpass CBD once it becomes more well-known. CBG flower won’t get you “high” but it will relax you and put you at ease. This makes it a great choice for a before bed or night time smoke.

John’s CBG Flower is a 100% organic product.  We strictly adhere to organic farming practices in growing these buds.  We do not use any chemical herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.  Each strain is third-party lab tested and approved by the relevant government agency.

Our CBG Flower contains 17% CBG and only. 15% THC.

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3 reviews for CBG Flower

  1. Rupert Oneil

    I have been fighting against chronic pain for 3-4 months. Many of my friends asked me to use cbd products but I was skeptical about the results. Then, I bought CBG flowers from John’s CBD. The result is so astonishing and I am quite satisfied. The pain has reduced a lot in the last month. I would recommend this for all people suffering from chronic pain.

  2. Dusty Rife

    I am long time CBD enthusiast. CBD and CBG products are a big part of my diet. Recently I learned about CBG flower by John’s CBD. I bought for the experiment and it was boom!! This product is very potent and has a great aroma. The packaging, the shipping and everything was so smooth and on time. Everyone must give it a shot.

  3. Enrique Gerbi

    I was familiar with the CBD but CBG products were quite new to me. I bought CBG flower from John’s CBD last month for my mom. She has been suffering from insomnia for the last 2 months. We have been to many doctors, but had no luck. My mom made these flowers a part of her diet and since then she has had a significant improvement in her sleeping patterns. I would highly recommend this.

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CBG Flower
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