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What is The Recommended CBD Consumption Method?

CBD has been around longer than anyone can think to remember. But why is it that only recently has it receive the proper attention? Well, there are quite some reasons that people would love to throw around. But, the main one is because of the studies being done each day by different institutions in the world which show the effectiveness of CBD products in the human body. It is not about what is CBD anymore but, how does CBD help with this condition or the other. This step shows just how far CBD has come from and how many strides it has made. 

There have been controversies over the years about one or two things concerning CBD that still worry some people. But, that cannot be compared to how much CBD products to aid in the treatment of different health conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, chronic pain, arthritis and many more. 

Although there are several methods to use CBD, there are some that are more preferred than the other while others more effective than the other- depending on the condition one is suffering from. The most common methods include sublingual, ingestion, inhalation, and topical application. 

This article is going to cover all these methods of using CBD oil, and you can choose which one works for you, hoping that you already know your CBD oil dosage which changes from one product to the other. But first, what is CBD?

What is CBD?

There are many descriptions of what CBD is which similarly to anything else changes from one person to the other. The truth is, CBD is a non-psychotropic compound that is found in the cannabis plant together with THC. Although this close connection to marijuana, CBD does not have any of the side effects experienced when using the former.

Being one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, CBD does not produce a high when used in any form which is what makes it that much better. Although this is true, it is essential to keep in mind that full-spectrum CBD oil contains almost all the ingredients found in the cannabis plant, including terpenes and THC.


Unlike using CBD oil with an inhaler, using the sublingual method to take your CBD dosage is the most effective and common among the four. Using CBD sublingually is done using a dropper where the CBD is placed under the tongue, and after a while, the oil is absorbed into the body and straight to the blood by the capillaries. This method is quite effective, and more often than not, the effects start kicking in almost immediately.


Edibles are the second-best way to take CBD. Yes, the effects might take a minute to kick in because of the slow absorption and-depending on the food- low dosages, but eventually it gets there, and the results are quite strong compared to other methods. There are two ways you can use CBD oil, one being purchasing ready made treats from your favourite CBD and marijuana shop. The other is the use of omni oil directly on your food. If CBD recipes are something that you have been thinking about then I suggest that you use the latter. This is because you can cook the CBD just enough not to evaporate it while keeping an eye on the dosage amount.


Inhaling CBD is practically the fastest way to get it to your bloodstream. There are two main ways in which you can inhale CBD into your bloodstream without much trouble- the first one through Vaping the CBD oil and the second one smoking. Although vaping is not mainstream in most areas, it happens to be the most common way of inhaling CBD to your lungs. It is safer, faster and better because it does not come with the same effects as that of smoking. Unlike vaping, smoking is messier and usually includes a lot of smoke to get it right. Unlike using CBD gummies, smoking allows you to have a specific dosage amount every time you light up the rig. There is also the option of CBD inhalers which are used by the patient suffering from conditions such as asthma and the rest.

Topical Application

Yes, CBD also has topicals that are best applied straight to the skin and not any other part. These topicals are best used for conditions such as arthritis and chronic pain. In these cases, the balm or lotion is applied directly on the region where the individual feels pain, and after a while the pain disappears. Topicals do not have a specified dosage given that the skin is a vast area and it does not affect the user whether applied in small amounts or not. 

These are the most common methods of using CBD omni oil. Although they vary from one method to the other, the effects are often quite similar as long as the dosage is on point.

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