Best Massage Oil for Natural Relaxation
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Best Massage Oil For Natural Relaxation

There are plenty of oils and lotions in the market for at-home massage and for massage therapy workers. However, most of these oils do not measure up. Some of the massage oils in the market can make your skin feel greasy while other oils are characterized by an unpleasant smell. In order to choose the best oil, you need to know the difference between the oils. CBD hemp oil has numerous uses and one of them is for natural relaxation during the massage. The following is a list of massage oils that therapists often recommend.

Omni massage oil

Omni oil

This oil contains natural ingredients that have a calming and soothing effect on muscles that are heavy and tired. The use of the Omni massage oil leaves you with fresh and light muscles. Additionally, the oil is able to soothe the skin thereby stimulating peripheral circulation. This leaves you feeling warm, relieved, and relaxed. This oil is applied to the skin, then, you gently massage the skin until it is effectively absorbed by the body. The oil should also only be applied once or twice during the massage. It is also important to thoroughly wash your hands after the massage to avoid the contact of the oil with your eyes.


CBD Hemp oil

CBD Hemp oil

There are well-documented benefits of using massage oil. However, you can increase these benefits dramatically but using quality CBD massage oil over your standard oil. CBD hemp oil for massage has numerous health benefits and also helps to treat your body into extra relaxation. CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD oil has been associated with the management of chronic pain, reducing inflammation, as well as other health benefits. CBD oil has potent anti-anxiety properties that enable it to induce calming and relaxation. The oil is effective in easing soreness as a result of a workout.

The Cannalife Botanicals massage oil is soothing, highly nourishing and is made up of a unique blend of apricot kernel. Apricot kernel is rich in vitamin E which makes it last longer. It is less likely to go rancid compared to other massage oils. When the oil is applied, it is absorbed into the skin so you will not be left with the greasy feeling. Another important property of CBD hemp oil for massage is that it is a good alternative for people with nut allergies. These are people who cannot use coconut oil. Massage therapists highly recommend this oil as it helps to melt away pain, stimulate circulation, and enhance energy flow.  

Fractional coconut oil

Fractional coconut oil

Coconut oil is mostly thought as being heavy and solid but fractioned coconut is not. This oil has been processed to make it light, non-greasy, and good for massage. The long chain of triglycerides in fractioned coconut oil has been removed making the oil less glide than coconut oil and stickier. Just like Omni massage oil, fractional coconut oil leaves you with a relaxed and relieved feeling. The oil is commonly used for short massage strokes which target muscle tension areas. Many massage oils stain sheets but the use of fractional massage oil does not stain the sheets as it easily washes off. Importantly, the oil does not have the coconut scent. People with coconut and latex allergies should, however, not use this oil.

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is also one of the best massage oils that provide natural relaxation. The oil is non-greasy and light and does not leave your skin with the greasy feeling. This oil is mainly extracted from sunflower seeds that are rich in palmitic acid, linoleic acid, and stearic acid. This oil should be purchased in small amounts as it can easily go rancid. It should also be stored in cool areas. This oil can be infused with CBD hemp oil for maximum action. One advantage of CBD oil is that it can be used with other oils to produce the best effect.


Almond oil

Almond oil

This is one of the most popular oils used by massage therapists. This oil is extracted from almonds and is slightly oily which makes it easily absorbed by the skin. The oil does not irritate the skin but easily stains sheets. The pricing of almond oil is also fair. There are other oils that can be effectively used during massages to give you natural relaxation.  These oils can be blended with other lighter oils like CBD hemp oil and Omni massage oil to give you the relaxing and calming feeling. Massage gels, creams, and lotions can also be used by therapists who do not want to use oils.

If you are giving out a massage, it is important to make sure that there are no allergies. Furthermore, if you are the one receiving the massage and you have an allergy, make sure you point it out beforehand for the massage therapist to know what they will use. This will enable them to use ingredients that will not harm you. It is also advisable to do a little research on different massage oils and products to know the best products that you can use for natural relaxation.

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