Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Review
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All About Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Review

Sour Space Candy to date is one of the most potent CBD flowers available around. It has the perfect ratio of terpenes to CBD, which particularly suits the endocannabinoid system in the right way making it a keeper!

The Sour Space Candy CBD is an extremely popular hemp choice by people looking for some lasting uplifting effects. The fragrant and smooth smelling strain coupled with its calming effect can keep one focussed and motivated to finish off a task in hand.

When this hemp flower is burnt,, it releases an extremely sublime and clean flavor coupled with an undeniable thick smoke. However, the sourness of the flower doesn’t hit you too strongly when lit. The taste coats your mouth, especially with the dense smoke that’s released.

Properties of Sour Space Candy

The hemp flower is a highly recognized CBD powerhouse that contains almost 20% CBD. This strain also has high terpenes at a high level and not more than 0.3% of delta-9-THC. The presence of Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry is what gives the Sour Space Candy it’s distinguishable aroma compared to the other hemp flowers that are available around.

The parental genes give the acidic harsh notes closely followed by tropical fruits and earthy notes. When used, people experience a happy as well as an energetic feeling. It is also an ideal choice to help in different conditions like stress, pain, and depression. Here are some of the highlight features of Sour Space candy:

The help flower contains almost 15% of the CBD

The smell is pleasant and fragrant·

It also has vibrant notes of lemon and grass

Smell and appearance of Sour Space Candy

The presence of ERB in the flower gives it a strong and sweet berry-like taste coupled with the Sour Tsunami’s fruit and citrus aromas. These together are what creates the sweet, fruity, and herbal hemp strain.

The dense and colored buds of Sour Space Candy have beautiful tones of purple, green, with a slightly vibrant orange. The Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower is one of the favorite choices for relaxation purposes, given that it is consumed responsibly.

Sour Space candy’s History

As we learned previously, Sour Space candy is as a hybrid product coming from Sour Tsunami flower and Early Resin Berry (ERB). The detailed selection process as well as a tasting of various varieties have borne the perfect taste and profile of odor. Due to this, it also has a strong aroma of which this strain is famous. Combined with ERB, it is certainly a unique as well as beautiful hemp flower that is available in the market. You will get a combination of the sour tsunami and the irresistible flavor of ERB when you taste this organic hemp flower.

Effect of Sour Space candy

Sour Space candy has become a favorite amongst users. And this is not just because of its relaxing quality but this strain offers help in manifold ways. Let’s have a look

Reduces social anxiety

Sour Space Candy is a favorite amongst people who like being social yet can’t due to inhibitions. But a few drags of this organic hemp flower and you are optimistic and talkative. If you are looking for a happy state of mind coupled with a relaxed and tension-free body, this is the ideal choice. It usually gives the feeling of euphoria initially and then leads to long spells of laughter bursts or even a deep craving for creativity, depending on the person. It is, therefore, a great choice for friendly evenings and also, Sour Space Candy gives you the freshness of the moment.

Medicinal purposes

It is not just used for relaxation but also offers help in medicinal purposes as well. Sour Space Candy is used on various occasions, mainly related to chronic pain or mental illness. This matter can also be used for insomnia or fatigue and as it has an energetic effect, you can easily deal with your fatigue. However, if you are sensitive to even mild physical reassurance when smoking, there’s a very strong chance that you will fall asleep quickly.

High THC content

The Sour Space candy has a high THC content which makes them intoxicating. It is quite affordable and these tiny, cute looking green colored nuggets give a long-lasting effect that tastes like the flavor of sweet apple with hints of cherries as well as nuts. The fragrance of this is like nutty, matching with their taste or sweet which complements the appearance of hair that is thick and orange colored and trichomes of large amber.


The different Sour Space Candy has a fitting name that bears an earthy taste with a smell of combined sweet and sour candy. It is known for giving people with an energetic feeling and joy. It is perfect for many conditions like stress, agony, depression, or insomnia. Overall, it is an ideal option for people who love the hemp flower. It comes with a complete package that has smell, taste, and appearance. This flower has, therefore, became one of the favorites for many who are hemp lovers.


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